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Students Take National Latin Exam

Congratulations to our students who took the National Latin Exam (NLE)! More than 140,000 Latin students across America and in 20 countries around the world take the exam. Several Seven Hills students scored above the national average and were recognized with a certificate and either a ribbon or medal.

Excellent Performance (Introductory Latin): seventh-graders Kailyn Brown and Susie Stahl

Outstanding Performance (Introductory Latin): seventh-graders Gabrielle Walker, Nora Donovan, Oliver Szabo, Arjun Gupta, Margaret Tenney, John Corbett, and Matthew Bennett

Cum Laude recognition: eighth-graders Edie Tesfaye, Lauren Roberts, and Julia Tamai; freshman Grayson Halonen; junior Alex Grass

Magna Cum Laude recognition: freshmen Riley Jones and Suhani Gupta; sophomores David Kiley, Kurt Drath, and Elyse Stieby; senior Keelan Parlier

Silver Medal and Maxima Cum Laude recognition: eighth-grader Beau Goldstein; freshmen Aditi Purushothaman, Jack Fechter, and Ella Jo Piersma; sophomores Daniel Goldfeder, Luke Malloy, Reva Namboodiri, Laxmi Namboodiri, and Alex Frohn; junior Suf Safdar; and senior Annabel Stanley

Gold Medal and Summa Cum Laude recognition: eighth-graders Erin Finn and Elias Buttress; freshmen Sarah Croog, Jenny Hu, Robby Ligeralde, and Naina Purushothaman; juniors Madeleine Magruder, Matt Wabler, and Kevin Wang; and senior Greg Kalin

Earning their fourth gold medals on the NLE and thus earning the prestigious Maureen O’Donnell Book Award were juniors Matt Wabler and Kevin Wang, and senior Greg Kalin.

Three students from Seven Hills scored perfect papers on the NLE. Congratulations to seventh-grader Gabrielle Walker, and freshmen Jenny Hu and Robby Ligeralde.

Students self-selected at the beginning of the year to prepare on their own time for the Medusa Mythology Exam. This year’s theme was “Where have all the heroes gone?” Students earning recognition are:

Corona Olivae (olive crown): eighth-graders Beau Goldstein and Erin Finn; and freshmen Sarah Croog, Jack Fechter, Suhani Gupta, and Jenny Hu

Corona Laurea (laurel crown): eighth-grader William Setzer; freshmen Aditi Purushothaman and Robby Ligeralde; junior Alex Grass

Bronze Medal: sophomore Luke Malloy and junior Kevin Wang