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Students Skype with Author of Lily and Dunkin

Middle School students had an opportunity to really dig into their spring break reading, Lily and Dunkin, skyping with the book’s author Donna Gephart during a special lunch in early April. Middle and Upper school associate librarian Gail Bloom won the chance for her students to speak to Gephart. Lily and Dunkin tells the story of two middle school students—Lily, who is a transgender girl, and Dunkin, a boy who is new in town and has bipolar disorder. “While these issues are important to the book, the book also speaks true about what it’s like to navigate middle school,” Bloom said. “Gephart spoke about her son’s experience with bipolar disorder and the extensive research she did for the character Lily.” Gephart gave a short presentation about her previous books and then spoke about Lily and Dunkin. Students had the chance to ask questions about the book, as well as what it’s like to be a writer.