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Students Participate in Yearlong Poetry Postcard Program

Congratulations to the Doherty students who completed an academic year’s worth of poetry appreciation by participating in the Poetry Postcard Program! The program is run by Doherty librarian Linda Wolf. Students who volunteered for this optional program received a postcard in the mail each week with a poem printed on one side. After reading the poem aloud to a parent and completing poem-specific assignments, the card was returned to the library. “I am extremely proud of these students for taking advantage of this wonderful optional program on top of the regular school assignments!” Wolfe said. Participants were awarded certificates and medals at the Doherty Awards Convocation. Students who participated include Oliver Stoltz, Maria Schaefer, Josephine Burroughs, Tess Nelson, Graham Pietroski, Annabel Presley, Andrew Quinn, Henry Lafley, Conner Phelps, Gauri Kulkarni, Burben Burbridge, Skye Boymel, Poni Larson, Sylvie Gumlaw, Emma Hassell, Harper Holsinger, and Rebecca Jacobs.