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Students Excel on National Latin Exam*

The 2018 National Latin Exam (NLE), taken by all seventh- through 12th-grade Seven Hills Latin students, is taken by nearly 150,000 students in all 50 states and 24 countries. All recognitions listed below indicate how far above the national average our students scored. The level of exam is indicated in Roman numerals and is equivalent to the Latin course in which the student is enrolled.

Intro Level Achievement: seventh-graders Julia Tamai and Zach Mason

Intro Level Outstanding Achievement: seventh-graders Edie Tesfaye and Erin Finn

Cum Laude: Senior Lucy Callard (V) and junior Tim Kalin (II)

Magna Cum Laude: senior Ben Agin (V); juniors Max Lane (IV) and Renee Stieby (IV); sophomores Rohan Patil (III), Hannah Levin (III), and Stephen Walsh (III); freshmen Elyse Stieby (II); and eighth-graders Aditi Purushothaman (I), Anand Patil (I), Jonny Vanover (I), and Kamaia Hall-Edwards (I)

Maxima Cum Laude (silver medal): senior Carly Jones (V); junior Greg Kalin (IV); sophomores Cameron Riley (III), Annika Alper (III), and Krish Gupta (III); freshmen Laxmi Namboodiri (II), Luke Malloy (II), Reva Namboodiri (II), Kurt Drath (II); and eighth-graders Robby Ligeralde (I), Jack Fechter (I), Suhani Gupta (I), Ellie Haas (I) 

Summa Cum Laude (gold medal): Seniors Charlie Dwight (V) and Zoe Parlier (V); sophomores Kevin Wang (III), Matt Wabler (III), Suf Safdar (III), Alex Grass (III), and Kyle Plush* (III); eighth-graders Jenny Hu (II), Madeleine Magruder (II), Daniel Goldfeder (II), David Kiley (II), Alex Frohn (II), Naina Purushothaman (I), Ananya Munjal (I), and Sarah Croog (I)

Individual NLE recognitions were awarded to three of our students:

Eighth-grader Jenny Hu scored a perfect paper on the Latin II Exam.

Senior Charlie Dwight won his fifth consecutive gold medal earning him, for the second year in a row, the Carter Drake Goad Book Award and the opportunity to apply for an NLE college scholarship.

Senior Zoe Parlier, who earned a gold medal on the Latin V exam, is also eligible for an NLE college scholarship.

*We dedicate this story about Latin class accomplishments in memory of Kyle Plush (2001-2018)