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Students Compete at OJCL Convention

Congratulations to our Middle and Upper School students who competed in the Ohio Junior Classic League’s (OJCL) annual convention in early March. The Seven Hills delegation, made up of 14 Middle and Upper School Latin students, won third in the state in academics and in overall sweepstakes points. “This is a spectacular finish for our group,” said Latin teacher Katie Swinford. “We lost to Shaker Heights, which brings 50 plus students, by only .08 points!”

Out of 25 schools in attendance, Seven Hills finished:

Third place – Academic points per capita

Third place – Total points per capita

Sixth place – Certamen Novice Level (eighth-graders Erin Finn and Maya Parikh)

Fifth place – Certamen Intermediate Level (ninth-graders Sarah Croog, Jack Fechter, and Robby Ligeralde)

10th place – Certamen Upper Level (ninth-grader Jenny Hu; 10th-graders Daniel Goldfeder and Luke Malloy; and 11th-graders Alex Grass and Kevin Wang)

The club banner received an excellent rating for its twist on the convention theme (soles occidere et redire possunt, “Suns are able to set and rise again”)

Out of more than 500 student delegates, Hu earned fifth place in the state, not only for total academic test points but for total points overall!


Individual Top 10 Finishes in Academic Tests, Creative Arts, and Graphic Arts Projects

Eighth-grader Erin Finn: Literature (third place), Comprehension (third place), Latin Recitation (fourth place), Pentathlon (sixth place), Derivatives (seventh place),  Mythology (seventh place), Reading Vocabulary (seventh place)

Eighth-grader Maya Parikh: Sight Latin Reading (second place), Roman History (fourth place), Pentathlon (seventh place), Vocabulary (seventh place), Mythology (eighth place)

Ninth-grader Sarah Croog: Drawn Chart (first place), Cartoon (first place), Grammar (fourth place), Vocabulary (fifth place) 

Ninth-grader Jack Fechter: Poetry (sixth place), Vocabulary (tenth place), Colored Pencil Drawing (tenth place)

Ninth-grader Jenny Hu: Fifth place overall in academic test points, fifth place overall in total sweepstakes points, Reading Comprehension (first place), Literature (second place), Vocabulary (second place), Derivatives (third place), Grammar (fourth place), Constructed Chart (fourth place), Pentathlon (fifth place), Roman History (fifth place), Roman Life (fifth place), Sight Latin Reading (seventh place), Original Modern Myth (eighth place), Mythology (10th place) 

Ninth-grader Robby Ligeralde: Latin Literature (first place), Sight Latin Reading (third place), Grammar (sixth place), Latin Recitation (sixth place), Pentathlon (ninth place), Roman Life (ninth place), Vocabulary (ninth place), Constructed Poster (10th place)

10th-grader Alex Frohn: Costume (Numa Pompilius) (seventh place), Original Modern Myth (seventh place)

10th-grader Daniel Goldfeder: Roman Life (sixth place), Costume (Egeria) (seventh place), Latin Literature (seventh place), Derivatives (ninth place), Vocabulary (ninth place)

10th-grader Luke Malloy: Mythology (seventh place), Roman History (eighth place), Roman Life (eighth place)

11th-grader Alex Grass: Roman History (seventh place), Vocabulary (eighth place), Roman Life (ninth place)

11th-grader Krish Gupta: Model (first place), elected OJCL Parliamentarian

11th-grader Matt Wabler: Original Modern Myth (first place), Vocabulary (10th place)

11th-grader Kevin Wang: Original Poetry (fourth place), Reading Comprehension (sixth place), Pentathlon (seventh place), Roman History (ninth place), Latin Literature (10th place)

12th-grader Max Lane: Dramatic Interpretation (third place), English Oratory (seventh place)