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Students Build a Block

Fourth-graders in Liz Lorenz’s Project Math class were given an important assignment at the beginning of the year—develop the four-block region above Fort Washington Way in downtown Cincinnati. Starting in September, students designed, planned, and learned about city development from the experts. “In addition to the parents who were able to attend the presentation, were joined by two special guests. Phil Beck, project executive for the Banks Project/Hamilton County and City of Cincinnati, and Joan Buttner, consulting engineer for Hamilton County, attended the presentation for both homerooms,” Lorenz said. “Mr. Beck and Ms. Buttner were both impressed with the students’ work, knowledge, and honest responses to their questions.” They used CAD (computer assisted design) software to bring their plans from two dimensions to three and print on a 3-D printer. They incorporated many important details into their buildings, such as doors and windows. They culminated the project with their presentations, telling their audience about city blocks and their associated costs, as well as the process of city development.