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#StingerPride Day Kicks Off the School Year

The first week of school culminated with a special event—#StingerPride Day! On the first Friday of the school year, students received special #StingerPride Day shirts and enjoyed a variety of activities, including snow cones from Mr. Snowie at lunchtime and an exciting celebration in Kalnow Gym! Students in fourth grade and up celebrated the new year at the event, emceed by Upper School science teacher Tim Drew, cheering and hitting thundersticks together in excitement. Head of School Chris Garten spoke to students and introduced new Athletic Director Scott Willard. Willard told the students he is excited to join the Seven Hills’ team. He asked kids to give seven people around them a high five and to be welcoming to this year’s new students. Upper School students then introduced science teacher Bryce Carlson. During the summer, Carlson undertook an amazing feat—rowing across the Northern Atlantic Ocean. Carlson not only rowed across the ocean, he beat the previous record by more than two weeks, traversing the Atlantic in 38 days, six hours, and 49 minutes. Carlson spoke about the row and how he was driven by curiosity. “I find myself asking, ‘Why not?’” Carlson said. “I didn’t just want to read about it and think about it.” He told students that life is essentially a video game, and the goal is to earn points through skill, knowledge, and real-world experiences. “All you need to get started in this game is curiosity,” Carlson said. “Start now and your knowledge and skills will build.” It was truly an inspiring way to launch the new year!

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