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Step-by-Step Drawing Class for Lotspeich Art Students

Lotspeich art teacher Jody Knoop recently began teaching her popular step-by-step drawing class to her students as a way of keeping them motivated to experience art during remote learning. Knoop’s unique drawing lessons have started off with a funny video she shared with her students of her driving her Farmall tractor. She then shared a photograph of the Farmall, and led her students through a step-by-step process to draw a picture of the tractor. “The step-by-step drawing series is based on the animals and other things on my farm, and every week I have been adding information, games, jokes, and science facts along with the art making,” said Knoop. “Based on the number of drawings I have received from my students—about 150 so far—my students are inspired!” Knoop said the process of writing, drawing, and recording her lessons has been a lot of fun.


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