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Spanish Students Hear Story of “Tulita la Patita”

Spanish teacher Megan Hayes is sharing the story of “Tulita la Patita” (Tulita the Duck) with her students in grades three through five. The story is about a people-loving duck. “In searching for a place to build her nest, Tulita wants it to be in a space where she can see and interact with all types of people. There’s only one problem. When she hatches six ducklings, the spot she chose was not suitable for a family. The people end up helping relocate Tulita and her family to a park.” For her asynchronous lesson, Hayes records herself in her virtual classroom and posts the videos to the Spanish page for her students. To tell the story, Hayes uses Story Listening, a technique that ties together visuals, spoken, and written words to teach language. Since students are watching the video after it’s posted online, Hayes said she has modified her teaching style. “I have adapted my system to asynchronous remote learning. Since I do not have the feedback from students to help demonstrate what they do and don’t understand in Spanish, I am pacing myself slower and selecting simpler stories,” Hayes said.  “Also, I have added imaginary students in the form of stuffed animals and Barbie dolls.  Every once in a while, I will pause so the imaginary students can have a conversation in English and digest the story.”