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Sophomore Recognized by New York Times for Essay Challenge

Sophomore Jenny Hu was recently selected as a winner of the New York Time’s Learning Network’s third annual Connections Contest, which accepted submissions from December to January. Hu was one of 10 students chosen as winners of the contest.

About 1,600 students across the United States participated in the challenge, which asked students to “connect what you’re learning in school with the world today.” Specifically, students were asked to draw parallels between something they were learning in classroom to an article in the New York Times.

“Students wrote about orbital velocity and the French Revolution, the Röttgen Pietà, and “The Grapes of Wrath”—and connected these and other academic topics to Times reporting on everything from malls to microchips, Pinterest to protests in Hong Kong,” the New York Times article stated.

Hu’s essay connected the poem, “I Saw a Chapel,” by William Blake to the article, “Pope Francis Abolishes Secrecy Policy in Sexual Abuse Cases.” Read Hu’s essay and the New York Times article here.