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Sixth-graders Study “The Giver”

Sixth-graders in Emily Stettler’s class are studying the novel, “The Giver,” a classic young adult novel about a seemingly utopian society. As part of their lesson, sixth-graders watched the film, “The Truman Show,” together via Zoom. Like “The Giver,” “The Truman Show” tells the story of a protagonist realizing his society isn’t as ideal as it seems. As they watched the film, sixth-graders noted examples of utopian and dystopian societies. They used their notes to compare and contrast the stories told in “The Truman Show” and “The Giver.” “Students practiced how to choose effective evidence to argue in what ways the society in “The Giver” is a utopia and a dystopia,” Stettler said. “We discussed how facts can be interpreted and used to influence readers of differing points of view depending on the opinion of the writer, making them more aware of spin.”