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Sixth-graders Participate in Refugee Project

This semester, sixth-graders in Karen Glum’s Innovation Lab partnered with the organization Heartfelt Tidbits, which helps refugees and immigrants resettle in southwest Ohio, to design items that will be used in English language classes. Students 3-D printed household goods, including groceries and cleaning products, and labeled each item to facilitate language learning. Sheryl Rajbhandari, executive director of Heartfelt Tidbits, visited the Middle School to collect the items and tell students more about the organization. Rajbhandari founded Heartfelt Tidbits in 2008 after she met a refugee family from Bhutan. “It’s not an easy task to come here from another country,” she said. She discussed the mission of Heartfelt Tidbits, and said this year alone, 60 refugees have settled in Cincinnati. Rajbhandari thanked students for their work in the Innovation Lab. “You’re offering somebody an opportunity to learn,” Rajbhandari said.