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Sixth-graders Design Teaching House for Refugees

As part of a unit on 3-D design and printing, sixth-graders in Karen Glum’s Introduction to the Innovation Lab learned about the lives of refugees in the Cincinnati area and designed a tool to help them better acclimate to their new home. “Students used TinkerCad to design furniture and appliances for a teaching house that will be used to help refugees from Bhutan learn English and learn about living in a home with amenities typical to the United States,” Glum said. Students 3-D printed furniture with labels for each item. Students also heard a presentation from Sheryl Rajbhandari, founder of the refugee resettlement organization Heatfelt Tidbits. Rajbhandari talked to students about the organization and they presented her with the teaching house to share with those who participate in Heartfelt Tidbits.