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Sixth-grade Spanish Students Study Numbers and Dates

As part of their study of numbers and dates, sixth-graders in Kathryn Rosenberg’s Spanish class used a calendar as a board game, reinforcing their studies. Students rolled a dice. When they landed on a day, they said the date, month and day, out loud. Rosenberg said the game is part of a unit called “When do I…?” Students focused on numbers and dates as the primary vocabulary and grammar topics (using the past, present, and future tenses), while incorporating the cultural aspect of celebrations around the Spanish speaking world, such as the quinceañera and various New Year’s traditions to compare those to the celebrations and traditions the students practice in their own homes. “Students are now able to construct complete sentences with the day of the week, month, and year, mostly without referencing notes,” Rosenberg said. “By the end of this unit, the goal is that students can ask for and provide dates of events, give and receive information about phone numbers, and recognize numbers being used in contexts such as instructions of forming groups, playing card games, doing math in Spanish, counting in patterns, and other activities.”