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Sixth Grade is for the Birds Day

Every year, sixth-graders take a deep dive into the world of birds. They learn about the different species of birds on campus and their unique plumage and behaviors. The lesson culminates in Sixth Grade is for the Birds Day, when parents are invited to participate in a variety of activities with their child. Guest speakers Drs. Dave and Jill Russell, who are true bird experts and run the Avian Research and Education Institute, a local nonprofit organization, joined the day’s activities. “Our interest is to keep common birds common,” Dave Russell said. He explained to students and parents the process and benefit of banding birds. He caught, banded, and released birds behind the Middle School, and shared facts about each bird he caught. Students and parents also participated in a math activity called If You Were a Chickadee …, that asked them to use measurements and conversions to mimic the life of a Carolina Chickadee based on their own weight. The tiny bird spends much of its day gathering food. After a variety of calculations, students simulated the feeding behaviors of the chickadee outside the Middle School, gathering bird seed and “flying.”

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