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Sixth-grade French Students Study Dates, Months

Jacky Kalubi’s sixth-grade French students are wrapping up their unit on days of the week, months, and how to write the date in French. “Before spring break, we researched the origin of the names of the days and months,” Kalubi said. “We made connections to Greek and Latin mythology and compared the names in French and Spanish.” Students recently researched calendars from cultures around the world, including the Hebrew calendar, the Islamic calendar, the Chinese calendar,  the Japanese calendar, and the Gregorian calendar—the de facto international calendar (year 2020).“We figured out that not all civilizations and cultures celebrate their New Year on Jan. 1,” Kalubi said.  Students also studied the French Republican calendar and the decimal clock created by the French. “The French Republic came up with its own calendar with a 10-day week and a day was 10 hours long,” Kalubi said. “It did not last!” Students also enjoyed a fun activity to celebrate Poisson D’Avril (April Fool’s Day). Students created their own Poisson D’Avril. In France, April Fool’s Day is celebrated with general foolishness and practical jokes, with the fish playing a role in some jokes. Sixth-graders shared their fish during class via Zoom.