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Shark Tank Presentations

The path to designing a product and establishing a business has many steps along the way. Students in Nick Francis’ entrepreneurship class simulated the experience, designing a product and business pitch. They presented their ideas to a panel of local business leaders, or sharks, in early May. Francis said students’ preparation for their presentation began early in the semester when they worked with Doscher’s Candy and Keegan’s Seafood. “Students learned some of what goes into running a small business and the challenges they might face if they were to start their own enterprise,” Francis said. “Later, they developed their own business ideas in small groups and worked together to prepare a ‘pitch’ for the sharks. Most importantly, they worked on communication skills related to public speaking and effective visual presentations.” Some of the business pitch ideas included a smarter water bottle, a backpack to help travelers pack more with less space, and a robot lawnmower. The winning idea was an automatic pill dispenser, designed by juniors Geereesh Shankar, Lukas Neidlein-Dial, and Spencer Bain. Students who also presented were seniors Luke Keller, Vito Zenezini, Stratton Papakirk, Rohan Sachdeva, Emaan Asghar, Nick Berninger, Charles Clark, and Michael Glum; and juniors Jack Rauh Laura Shuppert, Emma Zelkind, Spencer Boyd, Will Hawgood, and Caroline Corbett. The panel of sharks were Flip Cohen, founder and president of Flipside Products, Inc., Greg Icenhower, president and owner of Leader’s Voice Communications, Ashley Keating, chief financial officer at CincyTech USA, and Erin Wisecup, vice president of business development at Jostin Construction.