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Seventh-graders Use Seven Hills Dress Code to Study First Amendment

As part of their discussion of the Bill of Rights, seventh-graders in Doug Huff’s history class discussed the Seven Hills dress code in the context of our First Amendment Rights. Huff started the lesson by talking about Tinker vs. Des Moines, a landmark Supreme Court ruling that stated public school students do not lose their rights to freedom of speech when they enter a school. Huff told the class that the ruling created the Disruption Test, which asks, “Does what you’re wearing cause a disruption?” The Disruption Test is often applied to school dress codes. Huff then read students the Middle School dress code and asked them to answer the question, “Should the Middle School have a dress code?” He asked students to really think about the question, and share their reasoning. “Real changes can occur from this assignment,” he said. The activity brought the students’ history lesson to life in a way relevant to their everyday lives.