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Seventh-graders Take Part in Healthy Visions

In early December, seventh-graders took part in the Healthy Visions program, which teaches adolescents about a variety of social-emotional and health topics over the course of one week. “Healthy Visions’ deceptively simple mission statement, ‘change your story,’ aptly captures the essence of this organization’s overarching goal—to equip young people with the necessary knowledge and tools to change their stories for the better,” said Middle School counselor Taylor Markovits. “Programming on topics including relationships and sexual risk avoidance are presented in a sensitive, developmentally appropriate, inclusive, medically accurate, engaging, and evidence-based format.” Markovits said the organization’s facilitators focused on individual identity and how it impacts relationships; healthy versus unhealthy relationships and boundaries; effective communication techniques for navigating conflict, setting limits, and expressing oneself; and lastly, safe navigation of the internet and social media, including the sharing/viewing of personal content.