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Seventh-graders Participate in Courage Retreat

On Feb. 22, all seventh-graders took part in the annual Courage Retreat, hosted by Youth Frontiers. This intensive, daylong retreat brings students together to participate in games, group discussions, and story sharing activities that foster courage and other values. In addition to Youth Frontiers, Upper School students also serve as group facilitators. Middle School counselor Taylor Markovits said students connected in new ways. “As a result of this meaningful and transformative day, relationships were strengthened, social barriers were confronted, and students were inspired to contribute more positively to their school community,” Markovits said. She added that the last activity of the day was especially illustrative. “The impact of the Courage Retreat was most visible during the final activity, when students were invited to stand up in front of their peers and share how they would personally enact the value of courage,” Markovits said. “It was an honor to witness students bravely connecting to one another through their shared fears and vulnerabilities.”