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Seventh-graders Attend Courage Retreat

As part of a Middle School tradition, each year, seventh-graders attend the day-long Courage Retreat, hosted by the organization Youth Frontiers. Upper School students also serve as group facilitators. “The objectives for this day include identifying and normalizing fears, deepening relationships with one another while breaking down social barriers, and committing to a personal act of courage by following their hearts versus the crowd,” said Middle School counselor Taylor Markovits. The retreat brought students together through games, group discussions, and story sharing activities. Markovits said the day’s most meaningful sharing activity happened at the end of the Courage Retreat. “Lights were dimmed and we settled into a quiet reflective state while gathering in a large circle,” Markovits said. “Everyone, including seventh-grade students, Upper School youth leaders, and faculty, had the opportunity to share and commit to a personal act of courage while dropping a pebble into a bowl of water. The ripples formed in the water represented the positive ripple effects that singular acts of courage have on our collective school community.”