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Seven Hills Upper School Named Top STEM School by Newsweek

The Seven Hills School’s Upper School has been named among the top 500 schools with dynamic, engaging learning environments in the areas of science, technology, engineering, and math. 

The ranking — out of 5,000 high schools in the country — is based on quantitative and qualitative data collected from 2015 to 2019. 

Seven Hills Head of Upper School Matt Bolton said the Upper School community is proud to be listed among the top 500 STEM schools in the country. 

“I think it’s a real testament to the hard work of our teachers and students,” said Bolton. “Our wide range of core math and science classes and our exciting electives in subjects like computer programming, biotechnology, and engineering offer students a host of opportunities to expand their horizons and to better understand the world around them.”

Seven Hills’ Upper School’s competitive STEM program also includes a vast complement of high-order courses, such as multivariable calculus (Post AP), AP computer science, and environmental science. The school houses five state-of-the-art laboratories and three coding labs and makerspaces. 

Using a proprietary scoring logic, Newsweek’s partnership with Educational Research has created this opportunity to showcase the academic excellence of a select set of high schools with exemplary curriculum. 

“We found schools across the country that offer skilled teachers who keep up with developments in these fields and create dynamic learning environments to engage their students,” said Newsweek Global Editor-in-Chief Nancy Cooper in a recent press release about the ranking.