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Senior Accepted into Medical Program

Senior Felix Karthik makes a point to focus on the future by firmly planting his efforts in the present.

Karthik, who will graduate from The Seven Hills School with 86 of his peers in June, is taking a big step. In late March, he was accepted into Northwestern University’s seven-year BA/MD program. Karthik said he is “thrilled” to be admitted to Northwestern’s Honors Program in Medical Education (HPME), a seven-year BA/MD program that will provide an undergraduate degree, as well as guaranteed entrance into medical school.
“I do not take for granted the opportunity to explore my passions and launch into an exciting career,” said Karthik. I could not have done it without Seven Hills. In addition to a personalized education, Seven Hills provides amazing resources, especially through the Experiential Learning program, and exemplary college counseling.”

Karthik said he applied for the program when the Common Application process opened last fall. After finishing his applications in January, he interviewed at medical schools until February 2019. Karthik also completed a separate applications and wrote essays for the combined undergraduate and medical programs, which were reviewed by admission officers at both the undergraduate as well as the BA/MD committees at a number of medical schools. Karthik was then invited to an onsite interview at Northwestern.

Karthik said he chose to circumvent the traditional medical school track and enter the BA/MD program because he enjoys the freedom it affords and streamlines an otherwise prolonged medical school search. He said he is eager to share news about the program because he wants to provide knowledge that he didn’t have when he was a younger high school student.

“For students who have a strong interest in going into a career in medicine, I want to get the word out about this program,” said Karthik. “But, for students who are unsure about pursuing a medical career, a traditional pre-med path would be a better option to further explore their career interests.”  
For an interview with Karthik, please call 513-728-2435 or 513-926-1005.