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Second-graders Write Acrostic Poem

As part of their unit about poetry, second-graders in Cicely Knecht and Danielle Necessary’s classes learned about acrostic poems. An acrostic poem is created when certain letters in each line of the poem spells out a word or phrase. “We discussed acrostic poems, and then the children had the chance to come up with their own acrostic poems,” Knecht said. “As a group, we made a class acrostic poem using ‘Seven Hills.’ We had so much fun doing it and the poem turned out so nice!” Necessary’s class also wrote a poem using “Lotspeich!” Read the poems below.

“Seven Hills” by Mrs. Knecht’s second grade

Super School

Everybody Counts

Very kind people

Extra Enjoyable

Nobody is naughty



Incredible community

Lotspeich learning

Lots of lovely laughter

Seven Hills Rocks!


“Lotspeich” by Mrs. Necessary’s second grade

Lots of love

Outside recess is the best!

Trust each other

Stinger students love specials

Party and play together

Excellent energy

Intelligent students

Curious, creative, caring and