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Second Grade Opens Arcade to Lotspeich

Second-graders in Liz Lorenz’s Project Math class worked hard to build and create student-designed arcade games, incorporating lights, sound, and motion. The project was part of a semester-long unit that incorporated design thinking and basic circuitry and coding. Students watched the documentary Caine’s Arcade, about a boy named Caine who created his own cardboard arcade in his father’s auto parts store. The second-grade students built their arcade games out of cardboard and up-cycled materials, then learned how to use coding tools like littleBits and Makey Makeys to add lights, sound, and motion. Students presented their games to their parents and invited pre-kindergarteners through fifth-graders to their student created arcade to play their games and win prizes. Second-graders are currently working to organize and analyze the ticket and token data they collected during their Arcade Day.  Students presented some of their findings at a recent Monday morning assembly.

Click here to see photos from Arcade Day.