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Second-grade Arcade Day

Second-graders created their own games for Arcade Day, held in early May. Project Math teacher Liz Lorenz said to prepare for Arcade Day students first sampled a variety of games during class and compared, contrasted, and categorized the games. “Students worked together to determine what makes a game a game,” Lorenz said. “They collaborated to design and build their own arcade games inspired by the viral video ‘Caine’s Arcade.’” Second-graders incorporated lights, sound, and motion using circuity and coding tools such as Makey Makeys and Little Bits. “The second-graders planned and prepared all aspects of Arcade Day including marketing, making tickets, determining prize levels, creating prizes, and preparing a presentation to share with their arcade visitors,” Lorenz said. “Arcade Day is an exciting, community building event which all Lotspeich students look forward to.” As Lotspeich students in pre-kindergarten through fifth grade played their games, second-graders collected data about the games. They will organize, graph, and analyze their findings in order to determine the total number of games played and the maximum and minimum number of tickets earned by players, among other data points. 

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