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Real Talk Series Kicks Off in The Schiff Center

The Middle School kicked off its Real Talk Series in late October. Students met in The Schiff Center during their advisory time to hear from a panel of students and teachers who have learning differences. Panelists answered questions about learning differences submitted by students through a survey. The goal of the Real Talk Series, organized by seventh-grade science teacher Kristin Suer and Middle and Upper School French and Spanish teacher Jacky Kalubi, is to address diversity, inclusion, justice, and equity by creating opportunities to hear from people of different backgrounds. “We hope these opportunities will give you all a chance to attain a certain level of understanding and acceptance of the diversity that exists in our community,” Suer told the Middle School audience. Kalubi explained what a panel discussion is. “Of its many rewards, the audience can increase their perspectives from learning about experiences different than their own, draw comfort from those facing similar struggles, gain understanding, and develop empathy,” Kalubi said. The panel was the first of four that will be held this year.