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Reading and Gardening Go Hand-in-Hand

As part of a shared reading activity, kindergarten teacher Lindsay Pietroski is reading the book, “Growing Vegetable Soup,” by Lois Ehlert, and inviting students to read with her, using their “Reading Superpowers.” “My students are going to be looking at pictures clues, reading snap words, noticing blends, and sounding out words as we read via Zoom,” said Pietroski. “Some words are hidden and the students are encouraged to use their reading powers to help decode the words.” The kindergarteners’ unit goes along with their current theme, which is the life cycle of plants. As students engage in their literacy and science lesson, they are also discussing plant parts and the plant growth. “We recently put together a little gift bag of gardening supplies like gloves, shovel, and seeds in their nature bags for them to have during their remote learning,” said Pietroski.