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Pre-kindergarteners Grow (and Eat) Salads

Pre-kindergarteners in Tyler McIlwratih, Dorothy Hogston, and Kathleen Slone’s classes have been learning about food throughout the year, even harvesting carrots from Lotspeich’s garden beds in the fall! Students also planted vegetables in the classroom, caring for lettuce and watching it grow. “We wanted a very hands-on and edible way for the children to learn both how plants grow and that many healthy foods can be grown at home or school,” McIlwraith said. They recently picked the lettuce to enjoy as part of pre-kindergarten’s annual salad party. In addition to the lettuce they grew themselves, students cut up other vegetables and made salad dressing in Natalie Wildfong’s science class. “Children who typically will pass on eating lettuce, choose to try the lettuce they grew and use the salad dressing they made,” McIlwraith said. “They are very proud of their work! Every morning they come in and check the growth of their plant. Being able to bring the outside right into our classrooms has been wonderful.”