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Postseason Fantasy Football in Unit III

Students in Julie Guminey’s Unit III class applied the rules of engagement and focused on the number of math principles that apply to maintaining their score sheets. Guminey said the students’ fantasy football project requires the students to assemble a team while managing a salary cap when selecting players, follow specific instructions to find their players’ statistics for the week, correctly add and multiply decimals, and analyze their players’ performance data. “Every Tuesday is football day and the kids use to manage their scores,” said Guminey. “They have a football folder and start off the season by making their own roster and have a certain amount of money to spend on players and they use their roster to calculate their players’ stats. Guminey said students all start with $50 million so the idea is how to not go over that amount. “They’re learning how to calculate statistics, decimals, adding and subtracting, fractions, and dividing decimals,” said Guminey.