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Physical Education Continues at Lotspeich

Lotspeich students of all ages are staying active with online physical education classes! Lotspeich physical education teachers Abbey Sir Louis and Rob Starkey have created weekly activities to keep everyone moving during #RemoteLearning. Students access the lesson on a Google Slides page set up for Lotspeich Specials classes. “The pre-kindergarten and kindergarten classes have been working on locomotor activities, such as skipping and jumping, all year,” Sir Louis said. “During remote learning, the students will continue to work on these skills with lessons such as acting like animals and doing exercises that incorporate movements to spell out their names, to name a few.” Older students are completing well-being activities. Each day, they pick an activity that builds not only on physical health, but also mental and social-emotional health. “Some of these choices include workout and dance videos, sending messages to loved ones, outdoor activities, and mindful meditation,” Sir Louis said. “The students’ lessons also incorporate what we would be doing in a regular class. For example, there’s a tag game that students play in their cooperative games unit or a modified cricket game that students could play with a family member at home.” Sir Louis and Starkey said they hope all of their students’ remote learning is going well. They’d love to see pictures and get feedback from their students and parents. You can reach them through Schoology or through their emails at or