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Wynne Curry

Upper School World Language Teacher
B.A. French, Kenyon College
M.A. French, Middlebury College

Teaching Philosophy

Important skills I want to teach my students

I want to teach my students how to think independently and critically. I also want them to learn to write well—clearly and succinctly. In addition, I want them to be able to speak, listen to, read and write in French. We aim for solid proficiency in the language.

Teaching methods to reach these goals

I ask students to look at information from different angles, to try to observe a sentence, a passage, and a verb tense or grammar point from a variety of viewpoints. In addition, I give them many writing prompts, with opportunities to draft, write, re-write and revise. I give them many opportunities to speak and listen to the language: conversations with each other, listening to radio broadcasts, watching French news clips, etc.

My favorite projects

I love to hear and see my students speaking French with one another.

What I like best about teaching at Seven Hills

This is a healthy place for adolescents and adults to come every day. It’s a community that is filled with people who care. I love how well we are able to know our students, both in the class and out of the class. I also value the independence that is a hallmark of our school culture: we expect our students to think for themselves and we are able to teach independence by modeling it. Teachers are given a lot of freedom and are expected to present their very best day in and day out.