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Sue Bone

Middle School Physical Education & Instrumental Ensemble Teacher
B.S. Sports Science, State University College of Brockport, NY
M.A. Physicial Education, Adelphi University

Teaching Philosophy

Important skills I want to teach my students

I want to introduce students to the importance of games and sports from here and around the world, examining games from both a sociological perspective as well as an anthropological one. Play is almost universally an important part of becoming an adult as well as an important part of leisure time. Many of the games children and teenagers play in different cultures help them to assimilate into the adult world of their cultures, whether these are decision making skills, diplomatic skills, skills that teach coordination etc. Even the simplest of games requires interpretation and figuring things out, which combines cognitive and physical activity. I introduce Middle School students to a variety of activities and games to stimulate their brains and their bodies.

Teaching methods to reach these goals

My teaching methods are differentiated instruction to reach out to all students. I plan the class time so we don’t waste time and are active throughout the class.

My favorite projects

Boy this is a tough one because I like different activities for different reason. I do like the badminton unit because it seems to be a leveling type of game where no student stands out and dominates the court. I do enjoy that we teach nontraditional units and stretch the experiences of our students.

What I like best about teaching at Seven Hills

My favorite part of teaching at Seven Hills is the students are interested in what we are teaching and are cooperative. We can accomplish much more with this attitude.