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Stacy Wilson

Middle & Upper School Mathematics Teacher
B.A. Chemistry, Miami University
M.Ed. Secondary Science, Ohio State University

Teaching Philosophy

What is/are most important skill(s) you want to teach your students?

I want my students to embrace making mistakes because it’s only when we are making mistakes that we know we are challenging ourselves and getting out of our comfort zones. I also want my students to learn the “power of yet” and to recognize the difference between not understanding how to solve a problem and not knowing how to solve a problem yet.

What teaching methods do you use to help accomplish those objectives?

We celebrate mistakes in our classroom as opposed to trying to avoid them. I positively recognize students when they make a mistake because it means they are trying something new.

What is your favorite project or activity of the year?

One of my favorite activities is when students put together a tin man from certain geometrical shapes that they then cover with aluminum foil. The challenge is to see who has the least amount of aluminum foil left over based off their calculations.

What do you like best about teaching at Seven Hills?

I love teaching at Seven Hills because of the emphasis on learning and not just obtaining knowledge. I love the autonomy I have as a teacher to help students develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills instead of just memorizing facts.