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Maria Kezios Eynon

Doherty Lower School Music Teacher
B.A. Music Education, Eastern Illinois University

Teaching Philosophy

Important skills I want to teach my students

I want to teach my students to listen intelligently; perform (singing or playing music) to the best of their ability; to understand and fully appreciate music’s intrinsic value and relevance; to feel comfortable and confident in singing, dancing, listening, performing in whatever forms the students’ creativity takes; to find enjoyment in the exploration of music and in the experience itself; and to explore, experience and appreciate music’s cultural connections and its global reach.

Teaching methods to reach these goals

The methods I use are Orff, Kodaly, and Delacroix approaches to music education: teaching to the whole child and using voice, dance, solfeggio, movement, improvisation, and the playing of non-pitched and pitched musical instruments. Using the theory of multiple intelligences, I offer a wide variety of age-appropriate listening, singing, moving, playing, and performing opportunities for exploring, experiencing, and creating music physically, aurally, visually, spatially, kinesthetically, emotionally, intellectually, and naturally.

My favorite projects

My favorite projects are the fifth-grade musical, “Create A New Dance Sensation” Projects, the Doherty “Evolution of Dance,” Orff Sound Stories, the Doherty Virtual Choir, the Winter Holiday Music Program (pre-kindergarten through fifth grade), STOMP OUT LOUD! Doherty Style, and Drum Circles.

What I like best about teaching at Seven Hills

The sense of community, our close connection to each other as colleagues, and the support in every aspect that is offered and given freely. The opportunities to explore and learn new things in and outside my area of expertise as a teacher through Seven Hills’ professional growth opportunities. The freedom to teach to the best of my ability in my own way, making me feel supported so that I can truly and fully do my best to help students learn more about music.