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Linda Wolfe

Doherty Lower School Librarian & Teacher
B.S. Elementary Education, University of Cincinnati
M.Ed. Children's International Literature, Wright State University

Teaching Philosophy

Important skills I want to teach my students

I want all of my students to love stories, poems and informational media! How fortunate I am to be the one who helps a child find a book that sparks the imagination, layers knowledge, inspires creativity, or expands horizons.

Teaching methods to reach these goals

I use a potpourri of methods to reach my students. I offer samples of books geared toward enticing a child to enter a book, show just enough of a movie or slide show to tickle the imagination, introduce the book with student-driven skits, pair stories with toys, engage students in book projects, run games, present new technology geared to involving the students with the written word, encourage group explorations, and even provide quiet time to get lost in a book.

My favorite projects

I love the new book-find scavenger hunt I created for the fourth grade. I am sure I had just as much fun as the kids as they applied their knowledge of library skills to complete the hunt. Working with the iPads with pre-kindergarten and kindergarten students interacting with the story is pure joy. Discussing the poetry postcards the second- and third-grade children submit to me helps me to understand the thinking process of the child. Reading some of the newest and best books to children and holding a mock Caldecott is exciting. I have fun every single day in the library.

What I like best about teaching at Seven Hills

Seven Hills has given me the support and the resources I need to engage children in the active art of learning. I am encouraged to attend professional conferences so that I can challenge myself to improve my teaching skills to benefit the student. I am working with teachers who are extraordinary and who love both their students and their profession. Varied educational practices are examined by the Doherty faculty each year, and the goal is always to help our students.