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Jody Knoop

Lotspeich Lower School Art Teacher
B.F.A. Studio Arts, Ohio University School of Art
M.A. Art Education, University of Cincinnati, DAAP

Teaching Philosophy

Important skills I want to teach my students

I want to teach my students how to come up with an original idea, be able to communicate that idea using a variety of materials and techniques, and follow through to complete a piece that clearly expresses the idea. I want my students to use their hands to create—to manipulate clay, wood, paper, fabric, and other materials that they can feel. In an age when electronics are prevalent, I think this is important. I also want my students to know the language of art and be able to identify and appreciate subjects, styles, techniques, and materials.

Teaching methods to reach these goals

My methods for teaching are simple. Make learning exciting and fun. Make projects relevant and age appropriate. Inspire by example. I often sit with my students and work on art pieces, sometimes my own, sometimes something similar to what they are doing. They are always excited to see what I’m doing and excited that I am excited about our work.

My favorite projects

I do not have one favorite project—rather, all of the projects are my favorite. I don’t repeat an activity if the students and I don’t enjoy it. Over the years I have honed my curriculum to include really fun and interesting projects. I do often try new ideas. At this point in my teaching I have a very good feel for which project ideas are going to be fun, inspiring, and exciting for my students.

What I like best about teaching at Seven Hills

What I love about teaching at Seven Hills is the freedom to be creative with my curriculum. I have wonderful support from the School and the parents. I am able to teach children who want to learn and who are excited to come to my class every day. I work with a warm, caring, and professional faculty on a beautiful campus. I am inspired every day. What I like best about teaching at Seven Hills Seven Hills is my home away from home. Our school has an environment of love, learning, and remarkable opportunities for both students and teachers.