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Dorothy Hogston

Lotspeich Lower School Pre-Kindergarten Teacher
B.S. Early Childhood Education, University of Cincinnati

Teaching Philosophy

What is/are most important skill(s) you want to teach your students?

As a pre-kindergarten teacher, it’s my personal goal to instill a new love and curiosity for learning at a young age. These are the foundational years that children are gaining basic skills that will help carry them throughout their educational careers and beyond. I want to help introduce these basic skills to become respectful and responsible individuals.

What teaching methods do you use to help accomplish those objectives?

I hope to always provide a safe and loving environment where children can feel encouraged to play, learn, and build relationships with one another. My goal is to provide them with hands-on experiences to encourage students to form their own questions and find answers independently, as well as making every moment a teaching opportunity.

What is your favorite project or activity of the year?

I look forward to the holiday season, when families from various cultures are asked to come in and share their traditions with students. This gives students the opportunity to witness the differences within families and to share in their cultures.

What do you like best about teaching at Seven Hills?

For me, the best part about teaching at Seven Hills is the strong sense of community that we have, not just within the school, but with the families as well. I love how so many of our students have parents who attended this school as well.