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Dana Pease

Doherty Lower School Unit III Teacher
B.A. English, University of Vermont
M.Ed. Education, Lesley University

Teaching Philosophy

Important Skills I Want to Teach My Students

I want to teach my students kindness, responsibility to self and others, perseverance, and resiliency. If students have these skills, they will be successful in both their academic and social realms in school and beyond.

Teaching Methods to Reach These Goals

I believe that the social and academic curriculums are equally important. I start each day in a class morning meeting, which is derived from the Responsive Classroom teaching approach. In this meeting, we greet each other, practicing manners and social interactions. We also share our ideas, affinities, and questions. This allows every student to have a voice, self-advocate, and initiate a discussion in a comfortable space. That said, discomfort and mistakes happen. They will throughout our lives. It is my job to coach students on ways to handle these uncomfortable situations and build a sense of resiliency, grit, and compassion. Celebrating mistakes as opportunities to learn and encouraging children to ask questions are just the beginning of the conversation about student confidence and they are embedded into everything I believe in a classroom environment.

My Favorite Projects

My favorite project of the year is the Doherty Store. This is a current initiative to revitalize the Doherty Store and invite students’ input and work to make it happen. Our Unit III students have created committees and contribute their ideas to make this new store thrive and profitable for our school. The energy the kids put into this endeavor is incredible and they are making it happen because they have the drive to feel a part of something that gives back to their school community.   

What I Like Best About Teaching at Seven Hills

For over 20 years, I have had a wonderful teaching career in four independent schools, and now I am home. The Seven Hills School is a strong community and family. We are connected by traditions and also forward thinking, as well as rigorous academics and social responsibility. I feel extremely supported by my colleagues to try new things and reach my students in different ways. Overall, this is a wonderfully supportive place to learn.