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For the 2022-23 school year, Seven Hills has developed and will continuously evolve our COVID-19 safety protocols, informed by national, state, and local public health organizations and our own task force of community health experts from area hospitals. We will continue to adjust our protocols and revise the following materials as information emerges and best practices for schools continue to evolve.


Seven Hills has developed the following safety protocols for the 2022-23 school year.  These protocols are based on current guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the American Academy for Pediatrics (AAP), the Ohio Department of Health (ODH), and from our own COVID Advisory Team, infectious diseases and pediatric specialists who are also school parents.  Because the situation is evolving rapidly, we will continue to update the guidelines as new information becomes available.

This document describes the procedures we will use if a student or faculty/staff member becomes ill on campus. It also outlines isolation, quarantine, and return-to-school requirements that are based on new guidelines from Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, the CDC, and local health authorities.

If you have questions, please contact our school nurses.

Joy Copfer, RN, BSN, LSN – Hillsdale Campus
o: 513.728.2364 | f: 513.728.2374

Carolyn Vincze, RN, BSN, LSN – Doherty Campus
o: 513.728.2324 | f: 513.728.2352

Face Coverings

We will begin the year “mask optional,” allowing families to choose whether or not to mask their children and supporting all our families in their choices. We will, however, ask all students to have a high-quality mask with them in school at all times and to wear it as required.

  • Mask Requirements: 
      • Masks should be designed to stay on and cover the nose and the mouth.
      • Masks should be clean.  
      • Masks should have ear loops or straps/ties around the head.  
      • Masks should not have valves.
      • Neck gaiters are not an acceptable alternative.  
Required Notification

Parents or caregivers and all school employees must immediately notify the school if they or if a member of their household has been diagnosed with or is presumed to have COVID-19.


To help families make informed decisions about the health and safety of their children, Seven Hills will continue to communicate with a high level of transparency. Each Friday, in the Weekly Blast, the school will inform families about any potential changes in safety protocols and provide weekly case counts, by division (though, of course, the individuals who test positive will not be identified.) If a cluster of cases should arise in a class or grade level, the families in that cohort will be notified separately about any new required protocols.  The protocols currently in place are also listed above under safety protocols. 

Our nursing staff is offering on-campus COVID testing in an effort to simplify the testing process for families whose children require testing. If you would like to use this service, please complete a consent form for each of your children. The nurses will not be able to provide this on-site testing until a consent form is on file. Filling out the form in advance will expedite the process, should it become necessary. The consent form is available on our website in the School Forms Online (SFO) portal.

If you choose to obtain a test through your healthcare provider, it is important to inquire as to the testing method they use. The PCR/Molecular assay test is the gold standard for COVID-19 testing with high sensitivity and specificity rates, resulting in better accuracy. Rapid antigen tests are quick, but do not provide the same level of accuracy seen with PCR/Molecular assay tests. The Seven Hills nursing staff requires the PCR/Molecular assay test; we are not accepting the fast antigen tests (unless the test is positive).

To schedule an appointment for onsite testing, follow these links:

The Hillsdale Campus with Joy Copfer
The Doherty Campus with Carolyn Vincze

Documentation of all PCR/Molecular tests must be submitted to the nurse prior to school re-entry.

Joy Copfer, RN, BSN, LSN – Hillsdale Campus | o: 513.728.2364 | f: 513.728.2374

Carolyn Vincze, RN, BSN, LSN – Doherty Campus | o: 513.728.2324 | f: 513.728.2352

Our highest priority is to conduct in-person learning as fully as possible. Close, in-person relationships are an essential element of the student experience at Seven Hills, critical both to students’ academic progress and to their mental health and well-being.  Moreover, providing remote and in-person learning simultaneously creates a considerable burden for our teachers, who are already stretched very thin.

Accordingly, for 2022-23, we will provide a remote learning option only in limited circumstances. We will provide a remote option only in core academic subjects for those students in grades 6-12 who, as directed by our nursing staff, must isolate after testing positiveWe will not offer a remote option in the Lower Schools, nor for Middle or Upper students who miss school for other reasons, such as regular illnesses or family trips.


Thorough cleaning and disinfection will be performed at the end of each school day.

Hand Washing
  • The school will provide hand sanitizer in high traffic areas and classrooms.
  • Students, employees, and volunteers must practice frequent handwashing for at least 20 seconds when hands are dirty, before and after eating, and after using the restroom.
Air Circulation
  • HVAC systems will maximize air circulation into our school buildings.
  • Air filters have been upgraded to MERV-13 to increase particle and droplet capture.
  • All classrooms and offices have been equipped with supplemental air purifiers.
  • Field trips and overnight trips will resume.
  • When Hamilton County is designated as a high COVID-19 community level, students and staff attending overnight field trips will be required to be tested at school 24 hours prior to leaving for the field trip.