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Parents Learn About Digital Well-being and Social Media

Head of Middle School Bill Waskowitz and Middle School counselor Taylor Markovits taught new Middle School and sixth-grade parents the importance of digital well-being and understanding social media at the beginning of the school year. “Social media is not going away,” Waskowitz said. “It’s becoming more complex…(Social media) is a prevalent part of growing up in today’s world.” Waskowitz discussed the need for a partnership between Seven Hills and parents when it comes to handling social media. “As parents, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the evolving landscape of digital media and its increasingly prominent role in our children’s academic, social, and emotional lives,” Markovits said. “Regardless of the most trending app, network, or digital tool, it can be helpful to remember that, as educators and parents, we endeavor toward the shared goal of raising decent human beings, which broadly entails the ability to effectively navigate difficult situations both off- and online.”