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Parent Speaks to Second-graders About Bridges

Kevin Wenzel, parent of second-grader Henry and pre-kindergartener Frances, spoke to Cicely Knecht and Danielle Necessary’s second-graders about bridges as part of their extensive study of the topic. Wenzel, an engineer with a background in designing cars for Ford, discussed how engineers think about bridges and how engineers become engineers. “We study a lot of math and a lot of science,” he said. “We use math and science to understand how things work.” Wenzel helped students with their bridge study. As part of the study, earlier this year, students honed their geography and map skills by studying a bridge in their city, state, country, continent, and world. They examined other aspects as well, including the many types of bridges and their construction. This week, students brought in visual representations of a bridge of their choosing. Students shared their projects with the class and will present it at Morning with the Bridges to parents and other students before winter break.