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One Book, One School

Doherty Campus came together during its first assembly of the year to share something they all had in common—a book. As a part of Doherty’s community building activity based on the national literacy project, One Book, One School, students age 2 through fifth grade either read “Friendship According to Humphrey” over the summer break or someone read it to them. Doherty librarian Jo Schnirring said students discussed the book during the opening assembly in late August. The all-school project launched spring 2019, right before summer break. “The pre-kindergarteners had their parents read to them and a list was sent out with ideas about what all of our students could do to contribute to the book discussion this fall,” said Schnirring. “We all talked about being our best selves and being a good friend to others, which tied into the book. Some of our older students created posters and book covers for the book and others wrote poems.” Schnirring said Doherty students will continue to discuss friendships and kindness throughout the school year, as part of the yearlong activity.