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Middle Schoolers Put on a “Pirate Show”

Middle School students gave a swashbuckling performance in late October, staging “The Pirate Show” in The Schiff Center for the Seven Hills community. The young performers told the tale of an orphaned brother and sister, Nigel and Virginia, who become separated while running away from their awful orphanage. Virginia and Nigel end up on different pirate ships, one crewed by a gang of British female pirates, and the other, male pirates from Spain. In a whacky mix up, both crews go for the same treasure on a remote island and hijinks ensue. Utilizing every inch of The Schiff Center’s stage, students performed on an amazing set that featured a full-scale, boardwalk-style set design, crow’s nests, ladders, and movable furniture. Congratulations to our student performers and stage crew members, as well as Middle School theater teacher Jacob Hauser and Upper School technical theater director and teacher Trey Tatum, on a great show!

Click here to see more photos from the show.