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Middle Schoolers Bond During Retreats

Sixth- and seventh-graders enjoyed a two-day retreat in late August. As part of a Middle School tradition, sixth-grade students participated in many activities, including discussing their summer reading, The Iron Trial, and creating tessellation art. On the second day of the retreat, students were on and off campus throughout the day. At the Middle School, they played games and modeled handmade outfits in a fun fashion show. They also headed to Main Event in West Chester to bowl, play laser tag, and much more. “Students are making friends with new classmates and adjusting to life in Middle very quickly,” said sixth-grade retreat organizer and science teacher Jennifer Licata. The seventh-graders started their retreat with an advisory song and dance. “The focus of the dance was getting the kids to work together as an advisory group,” said Carri Haskins, seventh-grade retreat organizer and math teacher.“After the dance each advisory group ate a snack together while doing an activity to try and get to know one another better. The rest of the day they worked in groups to complete a task or win a game like four square and capture the flag.” Haskins said the day let the kids be kids and get to know one another better while working together and having fun.

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