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Middle School Symphonic Ensemble (And a Special Farewell!)

Middle School instrumentalists shared the fruits and beauty of their hard work throughout the winter months during a long-anticipated symphonic ensemble at The Schiff Center. The mid-May concert showcased dozens of Middle School musicians who collectively played 16 songs, from the James Swearingen’s “The Distant Castle” to “Russian Fantasy” by Lennie Niehaus, and Guns and Roses’ “Welcome to the Jungle.” Instrumental music teacher John Rising shared his excitement with playing in The Schiff Center for the first time. “This will give our students fantastic rehearsal and performance space, and will give us the opportunity to host speakers, community events, and other cool stuff,” he said. Rising also shared his sentiments about retiring physical education teacher Sue Bone, a longtime friend and musician who has played the clarinet in the Middle ensemble since the inception of the instrumental music program Rising created several years ago. “The kids are the focus of this concert, but I would be remiss if I did not thank Sue Bone,” Rising said. “Ms. Bone is retiring this year and has performed in every concert that I have ever done at Seven Hills. She is one of the most giving, kind, and generous souls I’ve ever met.” Congratulations to Rising and all instrumentalists.

Click here to view photos from the concert.