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Middle School Students Stage Once on This Island Jr.

Middle School students staged a stunning production of Once on This Island Jr. in late April. Once on This Island tells the story of Ti Moune, an orphan who is taken in by peasants when she is just a baby. When she’s grown, Ti Moune asks the gods, a wily bunch who enjoy interfering in the lives of humans, to tell her purpose. The goddess of love Erzulie proposes love, but Papa Ge, the demon of death, suggests a bet—is love or death stronger? As a result, Ti Moune falls in love with Daniel Beauxhomme, a rich young man from a prosperous part of the island. What follows is a tale of love and loss that ends with Ti Moune making the ultimate sacrifice and saving the love of her life in the process. Middle School students deftly told the story. There were myriad costume changes and the beautiful set truly evoked life on an island. Congratulations to Middle School theater teacher Jacob Hauser, technical theater director Trey Tatum, and our amazing Middle School theater students!  

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