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Middle School Students Perform Fall Show

Middle School students put on a great show in mid-October, performing two, one-act plays. In “Me, Myselfie, and I” by Jonathan Dorf,various groups of young people grappled with how technology, particularly smartphones, plays into their lives. Whether it was being “ghosted” by a presumably close friend, agonizing over taking a picture of lunch for Instagram, or debating the best way to take a selfie, the Middle Schoolers acted out these real-life issues with empathy, sweetness, and humor. In the second play, “The Adventures of Rocky & Skye” by Kelly DuMar, the audience enjoyed the evolution of friends starting at age 5 and ending in Middle School. The sparse set allowed the actors to shine throughout the play. Middle School students and technical theater director and teacher Trey Tatum provided the lights and sound production. Congratulations to our Middle Schoolers, Tatum, and theater teacher Jacob Hauser on a great show!

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