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Middle School Chorus Performs Spring Concert

The sixth-, seventh-, and eighth-grade choirs gave beautiful performances in the new Schiff Center on May 8. “We are delighted to be holding tonight’s concert in this gorgeous new facility,” said Tina Kuhlman, chorus teacher and fine and performing arts department chair. The sixth-grade chorus opened the show, and sang The Schiff Center’s inaugural song, “A Wink and a Smile.” The students sang a selection of songs, including Portuguese and Irish tunes. The seventh- and eighth-grade choruses performed next, then the boys and girls choruses split to perform their own songs. Sixth-, seventh-, and eighth-graders closed the evening with a Malaysian folk song called “Wau Balan,” complete with drumming and traditional Malaysian choreography, and “Brighter Than the Sun,” by singer Colbie Caillat. Kuhlman conducted the performances and Lynne Miller was the accompanist. Kuhlman said it has been a great year for the choral program and highlighted the students’ growth.

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