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Literacy Strategist Works with Doherty Students

The Doherty Campus recently welcomed Natashya Hays of Erin Kent Consulting into its classrooms. Hays worked with students and teachers in pre-kindergarten through fifth grade to develop a literacy strategy for the campus. “Natashya worked with teachers in learning more about current research on the teaching of reading,” said Head of Doherty Tracy Murch. “Using the research, the teachers planned a lesson with Natashya, which she modelled, and they then taught to another group. The group debriefed the process, student understanding, and next steps. Armed with the skills and processes Natashya taught us, we will continue to review literacy research and continue to develop our common literacy vision across the school.” Erin Kent Consulting works with independent schools around the world and is a collaborative of literacy trainers and strategists. The firm tailors its professional development to each school and customizes an approach to literacy that works best for the organization.